Krampus (2015)

  • The PG-13 rating doesn't dampening this light-hearted terror story
  • Krampus himself is massive, truly worthy of the legends and stories
  • Likely to gain a solid following within the horror community, specifically because it is another memorable Christmas time horror story (a la Gremlins)
  • You gotta give the movie points for its originality within the holiday-horror genre
  • A brief, but entertaining slow motion scene
  • One of those movies where you can 'feel' the cold
  • Thankfully the movie stayed about from CGI and focused on animatronics and practical effects
  • Wrestling Team jackets

  • The family moments are weaker than expected
  • Too many 'teases', as in you hear the toys/minions all around the house but not enough actual 'fighting'
  • Not as funny as it wanted to be (or could have been)
  • Pacing issues mixed with poor character decisions
  • The movie should have explored more of a variety of toy demons, there is so much wiggle room here that it's disappointing they didn't explore this more

Score: 5/10

Dare I say I was rather disappointed with Krampus? I knew it was going to be a light-heard horror story about a family paying for their misdeeds, but it felt like it was missing something. Possibly even holding back to a certain degree. The movie most similar to this is without question, Gremlins, another Christmas time horror movie where a bunch of creatures wreak havoc in a small town. The comparisons are there, both silly horror movies that are more comical than terrifying. The problem is that Gremlins embraced the silliness and Krampus did not. Instead, Krampus seemed to hold back the fun and debauchery for too much of the film. Yes, there are a few bursts of action between the humans and the toys/minions that Krampus controls, but things don't get out of hand enough to make the movie truly worth while.

For too much of the film we hear the creatures making noise from above or outside the house, teasing us of their presence but when the time comes to reveal them, their appearances are too brief (seriously, why did the cookies have four minutes of screen time?). Of course we get to actually see them up close and the animatronics look quite nice, but the movie holds out for too long before we get to this point, unfortunately.

This is the same director from the cult classic horror film, Trick r Treat, which I like quite a bit (though not as much as the general horror community). When looking at the two, it's easy to see Trick r Treat being the superior film, mostly because it's a nice balance between Halloween tradition, holiday spirit, and being the perfect amount of over the top carnage. Krampus has the tradition, a degree of holiday spirit, but only goes half speed during the fight scenes when it should have went to eleven (Spinal Tap anyone?).

Krampus has its fun moments but the it should have went the Gremlins route and welcomed its silliness earlier on and went for broke from there.


  1. This movie deserves a 8.5/10. The marketing made it out to be straight horror, but I knew before hand that is was more comedy than horror, I guess a dramady with horror elements. With a movie with a plot as such one should know what to expect and does it's best with it. For teens and such who expect jump scares and not aware of homages, and 80's films just don't understand.

    1. Yeah I somehow was kind of bored with this, I think my expectations were TOO Gremlins-esque. I has hoping any/all presents were going to be evil and constantly wreaking havoc. But there were only a few scenes like that which kind of bummed me out. But yeah I think teens won't like this very much at all! I like campy, silly movies like this but wish this would have pushed harder I guess.

      Did you like this more than Trick r Treat??

    2. Yeah, I understand. It would of been better if they were constantly wreaking havoc. I think I might Trick r' Treat a tad more, I don't know. One's not a anthology for Christmas and the other is for Halloween. I will be buying this on Blu-ray watching this every year.

    3. A few more minutes of screen time for those cookies would have been great lol! Yeah I definitely wouldn't mind having playing in the background during the holiday season!

  2. Also I was hopping for the snowmen to come alive. I like The Polar Express ending it went with.

    1. Yeah I totally felt like they were building them up for something sinister!


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