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Some may know, I have an undying love for movie music, whether it be original scores or soundtracks in general. This is a brief list of some songs I've been listing to. Obviously, these are just one individual song from the overall soundtracks, search Youtube or Spotify for the entire soundtracks!

A moving and endearing piece from an unconventional romantic movie 

Dead Silence
While the movie itself might be a mess, they sure nailed the theme song (Sort of like The Exorcist (the bells portion) but with a more upbeat pace for today's audience)

An ominous track with a killer crescendo

The Place Behind the Pines
Another sorrowful track from a fantastic movie

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 
Easily one of my favorite scores of all time. This is an A+ album! (Best tracks, 'Song for Jesse', 'Song for Bob', 'Falling', 'What Must Be Done')

The Guest
A variety of synthesized and upbeat songs. There are plenty of songs on the soundtrack to enjoy. (As for the movie, I don't know a single person that doesn't like it, it's flat out awesome and you should watch it immediately!)

A classic retro-80s synthesized theme song (These types of songs are making a comeback)

Cold in July
Again another synth song reminiscent of the 80s.

Another list of underrated movie music can be found HERE!


  1. Great list that includes Cub, The Guest, and Cold In July. Did you know that Steve Moore did the ost for both The Guest and Cub? It Follows should be on here as well. Will you be doing a review for the horror anthology film Southbound?

    1. I didn't know the same guy did both soundtracks, that's awesome! I'm gonna have to pay attention to him more and look up some of his other work. I just added that movie to my watchlist, got some early film festival buzz which is nice! Anthologies are always pretty fun too

  2. By the way Among the Living is getting a English UK release soon. It's not that bad in my opinion.

    1. Oh boy lol, hopefully that gets to the US, or atleast on VOD at some point!

  3. Replies
    1. I've never seen this movie, I'll have to check out the OST


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