Deadpool (2016)

  • This was the role Ryan Reynolds was born to play (as if you haven't heard this already!)
  • Seems to fit the tone and attitude of the comics, hyper-violent, self-aware, and unforgiving
  • Almost a guarantee that you will laugh at some point given the entire movie is near-constant one liners
  • Jokes involving his immortality and regenerative ability
  • The jokes involving superhero rights and ownership were the best (including Ryan Reynolds's previous comic-book roles)
  • Strives and succeeds at being 'different'
  • Fun, upbeat soundtrack
  • T.J. Miller!

  • A relatively generic revenge storyline
  • As with most films in a planned series, the first film has little to no 'stakes'
  • Generic, super-human strength bad guys
  • If there is such a thing as too much or over-the-top, this would be that (always noticeable when jokes don't land)
  • The action is rather basic, super-human vs dozens of henchmen, yawn

Score: 6/10

I'll get this out of the way, I know very little about the character Deadpool and what I do know, doesn't really interest me all that much. I admire that he is different from the majority of comic book characters, but I personally don't enjoy him or his stories. That being said, I'm in the middle of the pack on this one, I certainly didn't love it as much as most people, but I didn't hate it. If you go into Deadpool as a Deadpool fan you will come out a bigger Deadpool fan, it's that simple.

My biggest gripe is with the generic action story, it's your typical revenge movie from a story standpoint. Deadpool slices through henchmen climbing his way up the latter to the head honcho who kidnapped his girlfriend. We've seen this before and it seemed comic-book movie fatigue was setting in as he was dismembering henchmen left and right. Yes, the killings were more graphic than normal and Deadpool basically narrated while fighting, but that didn't really hit home with me. Maybe had the movie had more interesting villains and raised stakes the movie could have been great. It all felt a bit too simplistic at times, but luckily this is Deadpool we are talking about and he spices things up as he goes.

Obviously, the comedy is the high point of the movie, one-liners, jabs at other superheroes, fourth wall breaks, meta-humor, etc. This is what will make the movie so popular and memorable. I found a lot of amusement with the comedy aspect of the movie, opposed to the action and actual story. Not every single joke lands (it's always rough knowing a scene was supposed to be funny but it wasn't), but based on the amount of them in the movie, there are bound to be plenty that hit home. The jabs at Reynold's past roles were great and so were the jokes involving The X-Men. It was a little refreshing getting a different movie than most comic-book based movies (even if this did have some minor similarities). And the meta humor only made things better.

I would be shocked to see a comic book fan not like this movie.Everything I know about the character (which isn't much) seemed to be full on display. If you think the trailers to this movie looks funny, then it's almost a guarantee you will find the movie a riot. If you are on the fence like me, you could do much worse. Deadpool might not be the perfect action or comedy movie, but it's the perfect Deadpool movie.