Southbound (2016)

  • Overall, most of the stories/segments are quite good
  • The creature design from the first story is simple yet creepy
  • Some good songs/sound-bits that I assume are original
  • "Well the first time is the worst time"
  • The third segment (The Accident) is the best of the five
  • Very intense 'surgery' scene
  • The movie has a decent amount of gore and thankfully it looks good (as opposed to cheap and corny)
  • Always nice to see the stories somewhat connected and in this case, it's nice and intricate
  • As for horror anthologies, this might be one of the better ones out there

  • Some of the acting isn't the best and a bit wooden at times (depending on the segment)
  • Less than stellar camera work (shaky-cam at times)
  • Jailbreak (4th segment) is the worst of the bunch (and quite anticlimactic)
  • Not all that scary

Score: 6/10

As with any anthology movie, the good thing about them is if you find one of the stories unfulfilling, you only have to put up with it for no more than 20 minutes or so before moving onto the next one. That's not to say there were terrible segments here, but some were clearly better than others. Not only were most of the segments nice on their own, but there was an over-arcing storyline tying them all together in an intricate way. This really amped up the overall creepiness of being trapped in the middle of nowhere where 'evil' reigns supreme.

Of the five, Jailbreak seemed to be the weak link as a whole and felt anticlimactic. The story wasn't the best, but the real head-scratcher was the way it ended. It was kind of odd, definitely corny, and didn't really seem to tie into the overall story much. I won't spoil anything but I imagine most people will feel the same way.

The Accident and The Way In are without question the best segments. They were tense, graphic in a good way, and the most entertaining. The Accident was the best because it seemed to be the most plausible (even if it did stretch that notion towards the end). The idea of hitting someone with your car late and night and no one being there to help seems all to real. Amp that up with some grisly imagery & the obscure and you get something pretty wild and entertaining. Following these two are The Way Out and Siren (if you were a fan of this segment, I suggest checking out the foreign film, Borgman). 

Southbound might not reach the heights of legendary anthology movie, Trick r Treat. Or have a truly memorable segment like Safe Haven (VHS 2). But Southbound is an enjoyable 90-minute anthology film that comes together quite nicely when all is said and done.