Five Good Thrillers with Less than 15,000 IMDb Votes

Love it or hate it, IMDb is a popular tool for movie lovers across the world. It's one of the top 75 websites in the world and arguably the most detailed and informative movie website. I know a lot of people out there hate the website and its cryptic rating system, but I personally love it as a whole. It has so much information about each specific movie that it's not hard to find at least one aspect to love.

That being said, I thought I'd make a post involving the popular website. I went into my ratings and searched the 'thriller genre' and decided to list some movies that I personally enjoy with less than 15,000 votes. Why thrillers? Well, I figured most people enjoy a good thriller, whether it be a mystery-thriller or action-thriller. Not to mention the genre is attached to a ton of movies which gave me more movies to scan through. Oddly enough, all six movies are foreign (but that's not really all that surprising) and most are on US Netflix. (Depending on how this article goes, I might return to do something similar but with a different genre). Enjoy.

Fermat's Room (2007, 12,894 votes)
Anytime someone is looking for a movie where 'a group of people is trapped in a room', this is the movie I recommend. It follows a group of mathematicians who must solve riddles/problems in order to escape the room which is slowly shrinking. The numerous puzzles themselves are great, the only downside is the characters solve them too quickly. Which means we (the viewer) don't have much time to figure out the riddles before the characters solve them.  But the movie's 90-minute runtime flies by and it takes no time at all to get the characters in the room and the peril to begin!

New World (2013, 12,014 votes)
This might be my favorite movie listed here. Not only is the story character driven and brilliantly acted, but it also features the legendary Choi Min-sik (who I flat out love). It's not terribly original (relies heavily on The Godfather and other notable crime movies to build its story) but it's incredibly enjoyable from start to finish. If you are a fan of movies where we see the power of a crime organization with inner-turmoil, this is something to check out.

Big Bad Wolves (2013, 11,748 votes)
This movie falls into the mystery-thriller sub-genre. It mostly takes place in a dark basement where one man is torturing another trying to figure out if he killed his daughter or not. If it sounds like a torture-porn movie, it isn't. It may have moments of violence which involves torturing a man, but it doesn't go overboard like some other movies out there. If you like a solid mystery (did he do it or not) with a dash of violence (and style to spare, the movie looks amazing), then this is something you should look into. Plus, it was Quentin Tarantino's favorite movie of the year!

Confession of Murder (2012, 3,505 votes)
Another movie with a great premise, the statute of limitations expire for a murder case and the murderer writes a book about it. It's a movie where it's hard to talk about it without spoiling anything, but there are multiple twists and turns to keep you invested in the story. It's quite interesting because in the US there are no statute of limitations on murder cases so we have to go abroad to get a story like this. The only real downside of the movie are the super cheesy, over-the-top action sequences. The CGI is poor and the scenes feel completely out of place. If those scenes could have been done in a more 'mature' manner, this movie would go from good to great.

Accident (2009, 2,223 votes)
I'm still in awe about the fact that this movie has not been remade yet for American audiences. Its premise is simply spectacular, a small group of people is tasked with making specific murders look like complete accidents. Great premise, decent execution. Think Final Destination but with a more serious approach and instead of 'death', it's a group of humans doing to 'killing' with no evidence of their involvement. Though I didn't love this movie as much as I wanted to, it leads me to saying something I almost never say, I'd actually like to see a remake. Crazy I know, but there is so much room to explore with a premise like this that I think a remake could improve on an already good movie.

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