Captain America: Civil War (2016)

  • Arguably the MCU's best movie to date
  • Black Panther, Spiderman, and Antman steal the show, easily the best additions to the Avengers
  • Great battle scenes (specifically the airport scene)
  • Another well-balanced movie that juggles comedy with action
  • Two hilarious scenes (both taking place in the VW)
  • Though the third act doesn't feature the best action scene, it features a powerful emotional hit
  • Vision wearing sweaters

  • The stakes still don't feel like they are there quite yet (again, probably holding out for Infinity War (or whatever they are going to be called now))
  • Some characters power levels fluctuate quite a bit
  • Lots of shaky cam during some fight scenes early on
  • Another terribly lame post credits scene

Score: 8/10

Just when you thought they couldn't make a better movie than The Avengers, the Russo brothers go and make something like this. The idea of Civil War is tricky, pitting friends against one another all the while they try to remain 'the good guys'. You might be questioning why the would turn on one another, but the script actually provides some sound reasoning per character. Guilt ( mixed with fear) consumes those who wish to sign the accords and limit their impunity, while those opposing feel the politics behind it won't solve a thing.

Captain America: Civil War (aka The Avengers 2.5) might just be the best MCU movie to date (I'm sure the general public will label it as such). While that may be up in the air, it without a doubt features the best action sequence of the entire franchise, the airport scene. Not only does it feature some new unseen heroes fighting for the first time, but it also features ample amount of humor (mostly thanks to Spiderman). It is the highlight of the movie and actually the highlight of the franchise so far. 

But again, the main fault in my eyes (as usual) is that we are still treading water on a cosmic level. Thanos and his minions are still plotting their schemes and have yet to make their presence known to the Avengers. I'm still hopeful to get more screen time away from Earth and get the feeling the entire universe is in peril. One can only hope.

As a whole though, Civil War is a fantastic blockbuster. It features more avengers than any movie to date and gives us plenty of action pieces to make the two hour and 30 minutes run-time fly by.