Rapt (2009)

  • A realistic look at a person's fall from grace
  • I actually thought the ending was more thought provoking than not (from what I've read, the ending is something most people found disappoint)
  • Wastes no time at all getting to the kidnapping 
  • Interesting seeing multiple aspects of the kidnaped man's life being affected (personal, social, and professional)
  • Structured very well so that we, the viewer, are kept in the dark just like his family to his double life
  • An intense and unique look at the conditions of which the kidnappee is kept in
  • Calypso

  • At times, the movie moves just a bit slower than is desired
  • One interesting storyline that has a ton of potential but ends up going nowhere and then disappears completely
  • The family seems a bit insensitive at times
  • There is one really eye rolling moment that seems a bit out of place

Score: 7/10

Rapt is a good movie that focuses on the secrets in a man's life that become all too public after he is kidnaped and held for ransom. The key word there is 'good', Rapt is a solid movie with a lot of emotion, but at the same time moves along with few surprises. Had there been a bit more momentum moving towards the end of the movie, the movie itself would have been far more enjoyable if not memorable. However, the film stays grounded and realistic (which is a good thing), but it never truly takes flight. 

Rapt chooses to focus on the moral complications that come with the discovery of a person you thought you knew. The main character's life becomes all too public in an unexpected manner as his family struggles to free a man they thought they knew. Everything the man has worked so hard at comes crashing down, his professional life and personal life take a serious toll. But it's interesting to see as the movie progresses which aspect of his life is more interested in saving him, as well as the lengths they are willing to go to to get him back. It's the realistic look at these two sides that makes the movie interesting and quite thought provoking. 

However, someone looking for a fast paced, action-thriller should look elsewhere. Rapt has a few moments of momentum that come with an intriguing 'drop' scene, but aside from that, the movie is a slow burn. And where some movies have a huge climax, Rapt leans more towards realism to leave its lasting effect. There is not a lot to hate here, but there is little to love.